Thank You, America’s Hometown!

    A huge thank you to the Plimoth Plantation for hosting a State Department-sponsored
    International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) group from Saudi Arabia this past week! This
    group of professionals focused on tourism and economic development are working toward
    creating a tourism visa for international tourists to travel to Saudi Arabia. The visitors had a
    chance to see how the Plimoth Plantation welcomes tourists from all over the world to learn
    about early American History and America’s Hometown! In addition to learning how a living
    history museum operates and maintains its business, the group had a chance to visit Plymouth
    Rock, historical sites along Plymouth Waterfront, and eat a traditional Thanksgiving dinner.
    The visitors came to Plymouth with the specific objectives of studying coastal tourism and
    cultural preservation. To achieve these goals, Plimoth Plantation made sure to include program
    managers of the Wampanoag Homesite who could explain in a hands-on way about the
    preservation of their culture. A sincere thank you to Darius as well as Mr. Rob Kluin (Director of
    Marketing and Communications), Ms. Janet Young (Group Sales Manager) and Mr. Ivan Lipton
    (Chief Administration Officer).

    This visit would not have been complete without the Plymouth 400, Inc. – another massive thank you to them! This non-profit organization is hosting a series of commemoration events in 2020 to highlight the cultural contributions and American traditions that emerged from the interactions between the Wampanoag tribe and English settlers. Ms. Michelle Pecoraro (Executive Director) and Mr. Brian Logan (Communications Manager) from the Plymouth 400 were kind enough to meet with the visitors from Saudi Arabia to discuss the preparations for the 400 th anniversary of the Plymouth Colony. They also provided a guided walking tour of the modern-day location of the first settlement and along the historic Waterfront.

    Thank you to both of these organizations for meeting with the visitors and showing them around America’s Hometown! Check out the pictures of the group’s visit on a beautiful day to Plymouth below:

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