Chat & Chowder with Olivia Seltzer | Cramm This Book: So You Know WTF Is Going On in the World Today


April 12


06:00 pm - 07:00 pm

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Chat & Chowder

6 continents, 113 countries, and over 2.5 million subscribers — and all that before the editor turned 18 this year.

What has made Olivia Seltzer’s newsletter The Cramm a must-open daily email or text for so many? That’s easy: Its high-energy, pithy updates that you can read in 5 minutes.

And it’s probably what makes the new Cramm This Book, compelling, too: Olivia Seltzer herself. Recognized by NPR, the Economist, and Forbes, among others, Olivia started The Cramm in 2016 when she was 12. Since then her mission has been to inform her generation, on its own terms. Along the way, The Cramm, and now the book, have turned into resources for all of us who seek a fresh take on “WTF is going on in the world today.”

Gen Z’ers (and their friends), please join us for a virtual Chat & Chowder with one of this generation’s real rising stars!

WorldBoston’s Chat & Chowder features key authors on international affairs in an engaging setting. Join us for this virtual Chat & Chowder featuring Olivia Seltzer, 18, an inspiring young leader. We encourage everyone to BYOCB (Bring Your Own Chow(der) & Beverages), and also to join us for the informal post-Chat Chat, led by Thomas Kennelly, Program Director of History & Global Understanding at the Boston Latin School (separate Zoom link will be provided). Longtime and first-time chatters alike are welcome!

From the founder of The Cramm, a news outlet by and for the incredible Gen Z activists who are already shaping our global future (really!), this book is a dive into the history that’s made the world what it is today.

You can take a stand for justice. You can raise your voice to make a difference. You can find your way to make a mark and change the world. But first—you need to know what the actual F is going on in it.

Today’s world can feel like a seriously confusing mess. Headlines and newscasters and posts are coming at us from all sides, each talking about the latest issues and injustices, and everyone with their own opinion on how to solve the problems of the day. It’s enough to make anyone’s mind melt. Right?

Enter: Cramm This Book, your one-stop-shop for the scoop behind the scoop of the day. This is the read you need to understand everything from how the conflicts in the Middle East got going to where Black Lives Matter and Me Too actually began to what the full deal is with all of the wildfires and hurricanes we see each year. Important topics to read more about? We think so too. Dip in for more on the wars, the movements, the disasters, and more—and get to know WTF is really going on.

Are you ready to take to the streets and take on the world? Then Cramm This Book and get going.

The future is ours. What are you waiting for?

Olivia Seltzer is the 17 year old founder and sole writer of The Cramm. She started The Cramm after the 2016 presidential election, when she became inspired to make a difference. Since then, she has written over five hundred newsletters for The Cramm, spoken at NATO Engages and the IFTF Summit, been featured in NPR, Teen Vogue, TODAY, The Economist, and Forbes (among others), been selected as a Three Dot Dash Global Teen Leader, and traveled to different college campuses starting a grassroots movement to educate the world’s future. Her goal? Changing the world – one Cramm at a time – and creating activists out of the next generation by informing them about the world’s happenings.

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