Great Decisions is the largest nonpartisan public education program on international affairs in the world. Created in the 1950s by the Foreign Policy Association, a sister World Affairs Council, Great Decisions engages citizens in learning about critical global issues and U.S. foreign policy.

Based on the Foreign Policy Association’s annual briefing book on eight critical foreign policy topics, WorldBoston’s Great Decisions Discussion Series presents analysis by leading experts in eight sessions throughout the year at the Boston Public Library. The series is free and open to the public thanks to the generous support of the Lowell Institute.

Every Great Decisions event is filmed and can be viewed at the WGBH Forum Network.

Learn more about the Great Decisions annual briefing book and DVD resources here, and take a look at recent Great Decisions events below.

Thank you to our sponsors, Boston Public Library and the Lowell Institute, who make this special program possible.


Ambassador Nicholas burns / the state of the state department & Diplomacy

March 2019


ambassador linda thomas-greenfield / state of the state department & diplomacy

March 2019


Gus coldebella / cyber conflicts & Geopolitics

February 2019


Dr. Evan Lieberman/South Africa’s Fragile Democracy

December 2018


ambassador ivo daalder / waning of pax americana?

November 2018


Dr. james lindsay / waning of pax americana?

November 2018


Dr. alexandra vacroux / Russia’s foreign policy

September 2018


dr. soner Cagaptay / turkey: a partner in crisis

June 2018


dan blumenthal / chinese Grand strategy

May 2018


Dr. susan moeller /

Media and foreign policy

April 2018


Major general (ret.) william rapp / U.S. global engagement and the military

March 2018


Dr. Jonathan Quick /

Global Health: Will the U.S. Continue to Lead?

January 2018


Erik Jones /

The Future of Europe

December 2017

Shifter HEADSHOT.jpg

Michael Shifter /

Latin America's Political Pendulum

November 2017

Karen House headshot.jpg

Karen Elliott House /

Saudi Arabia in Transition

September 2017


Husain Haqqani /

Pakistan and the UNited States

June 2017


Marty Durbin /

Petroleum and Foreign POlicy

May 2017

GS headshot from larger_1.jpg

Gary Samore /

Nuclear Security: The Enduring Challenge of Nuclear WEapons

April 2017


Jeremy Haft /

Trade, Jobs and CHina

March 2017