July 2024 IVLP Visitors

This July, we host eight delegations as part of Citizen Diplomacy Programs at WorldBoston. Check below to see where the visitors are from and what the objectives of their visit are.

U.S. Legislative System: British-American Parliamentary Group (BAPG)

A Project for The United Kingdom

  • To review the institutions, processes, and traditions of the U.S. political system, the division of powers, and the U.S. electoral system at federal, state and local levels
  • To gain insight into current domestic and foreign policy issues
  • To discuss foreign policy and security issues of concern to Europe and the U.S.
  • To increase understanding of the U.S. economic system and the domestic forces that influence U.S. trade policy, as well as examine state and local initiatives for regional economic development
  • To examine the role of the media in the U.S. political system.

Promoting Waste Management and Tackling Marine Debris for the Indo-Pacific

An Inter-Regional Project

  • Assess U.S. solid waste management practices, particularly efforts to reduce, recycle, or otherwise control the amounts and kinds of toxins reaching marine environments
  • Meet with policymakers, scientists, activists, and industry officials to discuss collaborative efforts to manage waste more efficiently in order to foster economic opportunities and reduce ocean pollution
  • Observe examples of public-private campaigns for coastal protection and clean-up
  • Examine strategies for transboundary regional collaboration in minimizing and controlling marine debris and pollution

U.S. Trade Policy

A Multi-Regional Project

  • Examine current federal, state, and local initiatives in international trade and export
  • Introduce innovative strategies for regional economic development and competitiveness in
    the global marketplace
  • Explore the role of the United States in international trade and the impact of international
    trade agreements on U.S. business and economy
  • Review the U.S. economic system and the domestic economic forces that influence the
    policy-making process, with a focus on U.S. trade policy

Minority Participation in the Democratic Process

A Regional Project for the Western Hemisphere

  • Survey U.S. federalism and citizen participation in democratic and political processes
  • Illustrate strategies to engage youth and underserved, excluded, and minority populations
    in U.S. society to increase their participation in economic growth, civic activities, and
    political affairs
  • Explore the roles of education, religion, and culture in a pluralistic society
  • Examine case studies on the evolution of race relations and discrimination in the United

Social Entrepreneurs and Corporate Social Responsibility

A Project for Egypt

  • Examine the role of social entrepreneurship in the United States
  • Discuss corporate social responsibility (CSR) best practices
  • Understand the role of social media in driving social entrepreneurship
  • Analyze innovative approaches to social change in areas such as poverty alleviation,
    education, public health, and the environment

Enhancing Japan’s Academic Research Integrity through Export Controls and Visa Screening

A Project for Japan

  • To explore prevention of technology leakage at universities through the collaboration of
    academia and government
  • To examine prevention of illicit technology transfers at universities and research institutes
  • To highlight how universities and research institutes implement research integrity
    practices and engage the federal government to protect critical technology
  • To learn about visa screening mechanisms for foreign researchers and students
  • To examine various measures employed to identify and limit who is allowed to access the
    most advanced and critical technologies

Preventing Gender-Based Violence 

A Project for Kyrgyzstan

  • Review best practices for preventing gender-based violence
  • Discuss techniques to identify forms of gender-based abuse, report abuse, prosecute abusers, and provide assistance and protection to victims of gender-based violence
  • Become familiar with the process and legal protocols for obtaining restraining orders and orders of protection
  • Learn about programs for abusers/perpetrators of gender violence
  • Improve understanding about how social developments, such as economic opportunities, education, entrepreneurship, political participation, and leadership, can serve as tools for combating violence
  • Examine education and outreach initiatives which focus on women’s legal rights, the responsibility of men and boys to avoid perpetuating gender-based violence
  • Become familiar with law enforcement efforts to identify and combat trafficking in persons with the aid of the public

Justice in Design: Building a Better Criminal Justice System

A Project for Philippines

  • Examine successful reentry programs for women inmates
  • Observe best practices for providing maternal and postpartum care for incarcerated
  • Explore human rights advocacy efforts in the United States what address women-specific
    prison reform efforts
  • Review programs that promote social rehabilitation as well as improve conditions for
    imprisoned women
  • Investigate best practices for prison reform through law and policy changes that protect
    the health and safety of incarcerated women

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