June 2024 IVLP Visitors

This June, we host two delegations as part of Citizen Diplomacy Programs at WorldBoston. Check below to see where the visitors are from and what the objectives of their visit are.

Hidden No More Alumnae Virtual Reunion

A Multi-Regional Project

  • Create working partnerships among #HiddenNoMore alumnae within regional groups,
    across project years, and sector specific interests

U.S. Indo-Pacific Strategy and China Policy

A Project for Spain

  • Examine views on China and its activities in the Indo-Pacific during this moment of
    geostrategic confrontation and systemic rivalry
  • Gain a richer and more accurate understanding on the U.S. perspective of China’s interests,
    strategies, and motivations
  • Learn about U.S. institutions with a strong expertise and interest on China and Asian affairs;
  • Explore the possibilities for new partnerships and academic cooperation (joint research
    projects, academic works, and exchanges), and develop networks of institutions and
    experts between the United States and Spain
  • Discuss different lenses through which to understand the region–e.g., soft power and the
    role of Western countries, the importance of a rules-based order and multilateralism, the
    role of free and open societies, etc.

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