May 2024 IVLP Visitors

This May, we host eight in-person delegations as part of Citizen Diplomacy Programs at WorldBoston. Check below to see where the visitors are from and what the objectives of their visit are.

Cybersecurity Policy

A Regional Project for the Near East and North Africa

  • Examine the U.S. government’s efforts to manage cybersecurity risk, assess threats to
    critical infrastructure, and develop cybersecurity capacity
  • Assess the efficacy of U.S. policy and legislation in maintaining an open, secure, and reliable
    cyberspace while protecting privacy rights and civil liberties
  • Evaluate the role of the private sector in promoting cybersecurity, including public-private
    information sharing and data protection
  • Explore economic and national security impacts of malevolent cyber activity
  • Discuss strategies to collaborate and counter cyber threats

Preventing and Confronting Domestic Abuse and Violence

A Regional Project for the Near East and North Africa

  • Review best practices for preventing gender-based violence
  • Discuss techniques to identify forms of gender-based abuse, report abuse, prosecute
    abusers, and provide assistance and protection to victims of gender-based violence
  • Improve understanding about how social developments, such as economic opportunities,
    education, entrepreneurship, political participation, and leadership, can serve as tools for
    combating violence
  • Examine education and outreach initiatives which focus on women’s legal rights, the
    responsibility of men and boys to avoid perpetuating gender-based violence, and
    combating trafficking in persons

Transparency and Accountability in Government

A Regional Project for the Near East and North Africa

  • Enhance understanding of the underlying principles of ethical systems for accountability in
    government and business in the United States
  • Address international efforts to strengthen the integrity of governments and businesses
  • Examine the effect of transparency on trade, investment, and economic development
  • Explore the role of citizens, traditional and new media, academia, and civil society in
    fostering transparency and accountability in government
  • Highlight the mechanisms that enable citizens to foster good governance, ethical standards,
    and accountability at the local, state, and federal levels

Fostering Cross-Border Collaboration within US-Based Minority and Indigenous Owned SMEs

A Project for Canada

  • Provide an introduction to the role of small and medium sized enterprise in the U.S. economy and
    the broad network of stakeholders in support of small business owners including economic
    development commissions, chambers of commerce, trade unions, NGOs, and academia
  • Provide opportunities to meet with a wide range of small and medium sized enterprise and
    business owners for their personal insights into the challenges and opportunities of running their
    own business, with special emphasis on minority-owned and indigenous-owned businesses
  • Examine the U.S.-Canada cross border trade relationship in the far-reaching nature of sea, air, and
    land trade corridors and in the broader context of the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement

Civil Society against Extremism and for Constructive Political Dialogue

A Project for Germany

  • Gain overview of best practices in countering extremism at the federal, state, and local levels
  • Introduction to different approaches to promoting tolerance, freedom of speech, and countering hate, especially among the next generation
  • Exchange on perspectives on the appeal to youth of anti-Semitism, anti-Muslim violence, and other forms of extremism
  • Exploration of U.S. outreach approaches to building strong community resistance to extremism
  • Explore recent challenges concerning conspiracy movements as well as the status of existing prevention and support structures in the United States
  • Promote exchange of best practices in countering transnational and/or internet-driven movements or networks (e.g. QAnon, Incels)
  • Exploration of opportunities to advance future transatlantic cooperation on the investigation and prosecution of anti-governmental groups
  • Familiarization with available physical and online tools to monitor and investigate anti-governmental groups

Protecting Soft Targets against Terrorist Attacks

A Project for Morocco

  • Explore U.S. and international efforts and policies at the federal, state, and local level to
    prevent, mitigate, and respond to terrorist actions
  • Review counterterrorism cases, examine insider threats, consider the root causes of
    terrorism, and evaluate strategic counterterrorism communications
  • Evaluate terrorism prevention programs and interagency efforts to identify and protect
    soft targets through law enforcement, intelligence and military collaboration models
  • Examine civil rights laws and how they attempt to protect civil liberties while keeping
    citizens safe

Combating Trafficking in Persons

A Project for Thailand

  • Review U.S. government strategies to combat international trafficking in persons, including
    crimes against women and children, by examining the formulation, administration and
    enforcement of U.S. policy on the national, state and local levels
  • Examine the roles that government, law enforcement, the courts and local organizations
    play in detecting, preventing, and prosecuting crimes
  • Explore initiatives to recognize, protect and assist victims of abuse and trafficking, including
    victim recovery and reintegration programs
  • Investigate international law enforcement cooperation in trafficking in persons cases

WEAmericas Program: Supporting Women Entrepreneurs

A Regional Project for the Western Hemisphere

  • Examine the role of government, the private sector, business and women’s networks, and
    non-governmental organizations in promoting the development of women-owned
  • Explore the role of women-owned businesses in driving economic development,
    democratization, and stabilization around the world
  • Highlight the social, economic, and political factors that influence and encourage the
    development of private enterprise in the United States

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