December 2021 at WorldBoston

December at WorldBoston

Dear Friends,

2021 is ending characteristically, with a lot of uncertainty. Still, we have all learned a lot about keeping safe and moving forward. At WorldBoston, later this month we’ll take a look back with some program recaps. We are also offering fine year-end programs, and making lots of plans for 2022. Onward.

But at the end of the year, maybe it’s time to ask, for a change: What about you? Really: You. What’s your part in the mission of international engagement and global cooperation?

Please keep reading: This isn’t a fundraising appeal.  (Although we do hope you understand that WorldBoston can’t make it without donations.) It’s a real question about your part.

I’ll explain. In a webinar earlier this week, my great colleague at the World Affairs Council of Dallas/Fort Worth, Liz Brailsford, offered a thought-provoking take on Citizen Diplomacy, especially in light of often fraught international public opinion about the U.S. She asked, how can you be a citizen diplomat at home, beyond formal programs, even in daily life? We all live in an international context, so what bridges can we build, what perspectives can we share?

In another talk (It’s been a good week!), WorldBoston board member Nam Pham surprised the audience in an excellent way — about what, at WorldBoston, we call Global Engagement. On a panel about the future of social justice in Boston, Nam was asked what each of us should keep in mind as we work toward equity. I won’t go into detail, but Nam sharply challenged us to put even our deeply local civic action into an international and strategic context.

Of course we believe that your participation in WorldBoston’s Citizen Diplomacy and Global Engagement programs helps advance the mission. But, clearly, our programs contribute just a few chapters:  You are writing this book.

So at the end of this extraordinary year, we thank you for all the ways you are supporting the mission of international engagement and global cooperation.  

We hope to see you soon.
Mary P. Yntema
President & CEO
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As a non-profit organization, WorldBoston relies on the generosity and support of members, donors, and sponsors to accomplish our mission: foster engagement in international affairs and cooperation between people of all nations.

The shutdown of global supply chains due to the Covid-19 pandemic brought to the fore an issue with the high level of global economic interdependence: what happens when one country is the main source for an item, say face masks, and then can no longer supply the item? What are some of the lasting effects that the pandemic could have on global supply chains and trade? How would this affect national security?
Willy Shih is the Robert and Jane Cizik Professor of Management Practice in Business Administration. He is part of the Technology and Operations Management Unit, and he teaches in the MBA and Executive Education Programs at Harvard Business School. His expertise is in manufacturing and product development, and he has written or co-authored numerous cases and teaching materials in industries ranging from semiconductors, information technology, consumer electronics, aerospace, transportation equipment, manufacturing processes and tools, and intellectual property. 

Our What in the World? weekly quiz is a collection of 10 questions designed to test your knowledge of international affairs and current events. Every week on Monday, a new quiz is posted on our Twitter,Facebook, and Instagram stories. If you would like to receive the quiz by email, please contact Natalie Mase to be added to our What in the World? mailing list. The quiz can also always be found in WorldBoston Recommends, our weekly Friday newsletter.

Trivia Trail-Blazers
Congratulations to the top scorers in November! They got nearly every question right on all quizzes. Our high scorers are:

  1. Peter Sharadin
  2. Tom Ebling
  3. George King
  4. Michael Ateek
  5. Jonathan Daube
  6. Katie Murray
  7. Lucy Costa
  8. Monica Sawhney
Monthly Prize Winner
When you take What in the World?, you are automatically entered into a raffle to win exclusive prizes. The more questions you get right, the better your odds are of winning. This month’s prize winner is:

Jim Croghan

Miss Something?
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To learn more about Global Engagement, contact Natalie MaseManager of Operations and Global Engagement Programs.

WorldBoston is honored to represent our community in a special world-wide U.S. Department of State-sponsored IVLP initiative called A Global Moment in Time:Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility (DEIA)The project opening kicked off with remarks from Secretary of State Antony Blinken and welcomed 88 participants from 61 countries. Participants will virtually meet with Artists for Humanity to discuss advancing opportunities for all.  

This month, we will host our last U.S. Department of State-sponsored virtual IVLP delegations for the year. Throughout 2021, WorldBoston has hosted over 750 IVLP virtual visitors across 55 projects. Here’s who is “visiting” in December:
We are looking for new ideas for virtual cultural activities, especially seasonal options. If you have any, please contact our Vice President for Citizen Diplomacy, Sarah Sibley.

WorldBoston’s Fulbright programming has begun! On November 15th, WorldBoston kicked off the academic year with a welcome event for Fulbright Scholars at Berkshire Bank’s Reevx Labs in Nubian Square. The event highlighted two local businesses, with beverages from The Urban Grape and catering from Soleilwhose chef, Cheryl Straughter, gave remarks and socialized with attendees. 

Thank you to Gretchen Cook-Anderson, Executive Director of LabCentral Ignite and former exchange participant in Japan, for powerful keynote remarks on the diversity of Boston, its difficult racial past, and optimism about its future as a welcoming, international city. Following the program, scholars, who have made long and often complicated journeys to be with us in New England, networked and enjoyed the evening. We wish them success in their fellowships!
Five days later, on November 20th, the Fulbright Scholars traveled to Plymouth, Massachusetts to attend a historic event, the 400th Plymouth Thanksgiving Day Parade. The event commemorated the first Thanksgiving meal shared between English settlers and Wompanoag Native Americans and featured floats designed by groups from all around the world. Following the parade, scholars visited the Plimoth Patuxet Museums, where they engaged in live history exhibitions that bring to life the Plymouth Colony and the Indigenous homeland, including the Patuxet Homesite, 17th-Century English Village, Mayflower II and Plimoth Grist Mill.
This Fulbright Enrichment activity is sponsored by the U.S. Department of State with funding provided by the U.S. Government and supported in its implementation by the Institute of International Education (IIE), and WorldBoston.
Have an idea for virtual international exchange? We do Custom Visitor Exchange programming to meet objectives of various clients — whether government or private. Contact Josh Bruno, Manager of Citizen Diplomacy Programs, to learn more.
Updates From the Office
This month, WorldBoston bids a fond farewell to three members of our team. 
Our two Program Associates, Shannon Murphy and Matthew Blicher, joined us over the summer as part of Northeastern’s cooperative education (co-op) program and will finish their time with us in just a few short weeks. Shannon and Matthew have been integral parts of our team, working across the organization on our Global Engagement and Citizen Diplomacy programs. We thank them for their hard work and wish them the best with their continued studies at Northeastern!
We also say goodbye to Ishita Khanna, our IVLP Coordinator. In January 2021, Ishita joined WorldBoston as a Northeastern co-op, after which she transitioned into her new position. Over the course of the year, Ishita has been an invaluable member of our staff, and she will be sorely missed. We wish her luck as she takes on a new role in Washington, D.C.!
Rocky and the WorldBoston Team wish you a happy and healthy holiday season. Stay warm, everyone!
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Welcome to last month’s new and returning WorldBoston members: Constance Perry and Uldis Sipols. Thank you, we appreciate your support! 
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The International Visitors Leadership Program (IVLP) is the U.S. Department of State’s premier professional exchange program and WorldBoston’s main citizen diplomacy partner. Launched in 1940, the IVLP is a professional exchange program that seeks to build mutual understanding between the U.S. and other nations through carefully designed short-term visits to the U.S. for current and emerging foreign leaders. These visits reflect the International Visitors’ professional interests and support the foreign policy goals of the United States.

The U.S. Department of State’s bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs administers the IVLP. In doing so, the bureau enters cooperative agreements with National Program Agencies, a group of private, not-for-profit organizations based in Washington, D.C., that design and implement national IVLP itineraries. In addition to the National Program Agencies, the IVLP relies on the commitment and skills of local community organizations across the U.S., known as Community Based Members (CBMs). Under the professional association of Global Ties U.S., local CBM members develop professional programs, arrange cultural activities, and provide home hospitality for international visitors.

WorldBoston is part of the Global Ties Network of more than 90 CBMs in 45 states.

WorldBoston is a member of the World Affairs Councils of America, 
a network of more than 90 independent Councils in more than 40 states.

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