July 2020 at WorldBoston

July at WorldBoston

Dear Friends,

Ah, summer. This is a classic time for vacations — even during a pandemic; maybe it’s time to take in a beautiful view, to slow down and value important people around you.

In other words, this is a great time for Donor Days! This month we begin our biweekly social media campaign to recognize the major contributors who help make our mission possible. Under the Donor Days logo, you’ll hear from them directly across all our platforms. WorldBoston simply can’t exist without contributions, large or small, so we hope you’ll admire the posts and join us in valuing the people and organizations behind them!

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Whether you’re on vacation or not, we still have opportunities for your to stay internationally connected in July: Read on, below.

We hope to see you soon,
Mary P. Yntema
President & CEO

P.S. Awww: July 30 is World Friendship Day. Who knew? BTS (!) for one. At this point, it’s worth a try!
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As a non-profit organization, WorldBoston relies on the generosity and support of members, donors, and sponsors to accomplish our mission: foster engagement in international affairs and cooperation between people of all nations.

Dr. Richard Haass
The World: A Brief Introduction

Details will post soon!

We are excited to host another virtual Chat & Chowder event in partnership with the WGBH Forum Network. Even virtually, the spirit of Chat & Chowder will persist! We encourage everyone to Bring Your Own Chow(der) & Beverages (BYOCB) and we will host a 30 minute post-Chat discussion. Longtime and first-time chatters alike are welcome!

Dr. Richard Haass is president of the Council on Foreign Relations. Read more about Dr. Haass here. 
The World is designed to provide readers of any age and experience with the essential background and building blocks they need to make sense of this complicated and interconnected world. It will empower them to manage the flood of daily news. Readers will become more informed, discerning citizens, better able to arrive at sound, independent judgments. 
To learn more about Global Engagement, contact Elise Pitcairn, Director of Operations & Global Engagement Programs.
June marked another full month of our weekly virtual series, International Exchange in a Time of Isolation. While in-person exchanges are paused we continue to create virtual opportunities. You can view last month’s virtual Citizen Diplomacy events on our renewed YouTube channel:

In July we’ll offer two episode, both featuring international program alumni as well as local community partners who serve as citizen diplomats. Stay tuned for event details and registration on our website!
IVLP alumni from Namibia, Egypt, Malawi, Mozambique, and Zambia discuss the Pan African Response to COVID-19.
Former Program Associate of Outreach Je Woo Han teaches the audience how to make Dalgona coffee from his kitchen in South Korea.
Breaking (virtual) ground with new kinds of exchanges in July

With Global Ties U.S. we’ll conduct a timely virtual program for Mexican law enforcement officials through a U.S. Department of State grant this month. The virtual exchange will provide opportunities for local law enforcement and community activists to share their experiences with and perspectives on community policing with Mexican participants. Once again, Citizen Diplomacy provides opportunities for international peers to share experiences around critical issues.
Next week, we work with youth and the National Museum of American Diplomacy. Two WorldBoston staffers have trained to lead a virtual Youth Diplomacy Simulation on Refugees & Migration as part of a virtual Diplomacy Begins Here Summit with Global Ties U.S.
At the end of July, we begin virtual programming for IVLP groups: Estonia, Jordan and Luxembourg. We are delighted to be a leader in our network adapting IVLP programming.
If you have any ideas or questions about Citizen Diplomacy, please contact Sarah Sibley, Vice President for Citizen Diplomacy Programs.
Update from the Office
Welcome to WorldBoston, Jordan!

This month we welcome Jordan Pederson to the WorldBoston team as Program Associate of Outreach through Northeastern University’s Cooperative Education Program. A native Iowan, Jordan is currently earning a bachelor’s degree in International Relations and Affairs at Northeastern University. 

WorldBoston President and CEO Mary Yntema has been elected to the World Affairs Councils of America’s Board of Directors, beginning her term this month.

Welcome to last month’s new and returning WorldBoston members: David McClintick, John Reagan, and Andrea Rutherford. Thank you, we appreciate your support! 

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The International Visitors Leadership Program (IVLP) is the U.S. Department of State’s premier professional exchange program and WorldBoston’s main citizen diplomacy partner. Launched in 1940, the IVLP is a professional exchange program that seeks to build mutual understanding between the U.S. and other nations through carefully designed short-term visits to the U.S. for current and emerging foreign leaders. These visits reflect the International Visitors’ professional interests and support the foreign policy goals of the United States.

The U.S. Department of State’s bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs administers the IVLP. In doing so, the bureau enters cooperative agreements with National Program Agencies, a group of private, not-for-profit organizations based in Washington, D.C., that design and implement national IVLP itineraries. In addition to the National Program Agencies, the IVLP relies on the commitment and skills of local community organizations across the U.S., known as Community Based Members (CBMs). Under the professional association of Global Ties U.S., local CBM members develop professional programs, arrange cultural activities, and provide home hospitality for international visitors.

WorldBoston is part of the Global Ties Network of more than 90 CBMs in 45 states.

WorldBoston is a member of the World Affairs Councils of America, 
a network of more than 90 independent Councils in more than 40 states.

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