Recent & Upcoming Visitors



Europe: Identifying and Combating Disinformation and Deceptive Media
December 5-8

A delegation from several European countries will examine U.S. policy at the federal, state, and local levels to counter the dissemination of disinformation and misleading reportage; be introduced and provided broad exposure to the seriousness of the current threat posed by disinformation and deceptive news; explore trends and strategies for fact-checking; gain insight into programs promoting media literacy; and connect with other professionals focusing on experience and lessons learned in combating disinformation.


Lebanon: Entrepreneurship and Small Business
December 6-8

A delegation from Lebanon will examine how U.S. society fosters innovation and creativity in the private sector, specifically how to allow entrepreneurs to gain a space in the marketplace; discuss support for entrepreneurship and job creation with innovation and entrepreneurship policy makers at the national and regional levels; assess how academic and scientific research are utilized in the commercial sector; explore the variety and range of market niches served by successful entrepreneurs and innovators in sectors such as high tech, new media, retail, and consumer services; discuss the roles of diaspora populatiosn and how to engage them in building structured two-way support with their homeland; and explore linkages with the Lebanese diaspora in the United States.


United Kingdom: Community Leadership and Preventing Violence
December 6-12

A delegation from Manchester, United Kingdom will be meeting representatives from the City of Boston, Massachusetts State government, universities, and local community leaders to have open discussions about resilience, prevention of violence, and emergency management. The visitors represent Manchester City government, police, educators, social workers, and community leaders. This program will also include a reverse-exchange component - with eight participants from Boston traveling to Manchester in January 2018.