Recent & Upcoming Visitors


India: Furthering the U.S-India Relationship through Higher Education
March 22-26

An IVLP delegation from India will be meeting with top universities to explore the following: examine U.S. higher education administration to include a focus on the structure and organization of graduate and undergraduate programs; discuss student recruitment processes, leveraging national and other international scholarship programs; and institutional structures required to support and sustain international partnerships; explore topics of standards, accreditation, and issues of academic integrity in higher education exchanges; foster exchange of best academic pursuits between the two countries and enhanced faculty mobility; understand the processes of establishing and maintaining international research collaborations through innovative partnerships, technologies, and funding opportunities.


Serbia: Judicial and Prosecutorial efficiency in the U.S. 
March 14-17

A one-member IVLP delegation from Thailand will be meeting judges, policy experts, and law professors to learn best practices to combat case backlogs. The delegation's objectives are to examine effective management of a prosecutor's office, including; the creation of specialized units (with a particular focus on fraud and anti-corruption units), workflow and case management, intake procedures and complaint drafting, plea policies and bargaining, and other processes that maximize efficiency.


Thailand: U.S. Politics, Law, and the Constitution
March 14-17

A one-member IVLP delegation from Thailand will be meeting with law schools, a law center, a public defender's office, and the police department. These meetings will help accomplish the visitor's goals to learn bout the U.S. Constitution and civil rights laws; examine how a free press and politically informed public hold the government accountable; explore how courts uphold legal proceedings; and assess federal and local government civil rights law compliance.


REgional Project for Africa: Edward R. Murrow Program for Journalists: 21st Century Approach
March 3-7

An IVLP delegation from eight different countries in Africa will be meeting with a variety of different media sources, including local media and former co-chairs of the Judiciary-Media committee. These meetings will help the visitors accomplish their overall objectives of examining the role the free press plays in a democracy' observe how media in the U.S. operates; gain insight into the social, political and economic structures of the U.S.; and visit university media programs to better understand current trends and challenges in the media profession. 


Indonesia: Strengthening Moderate Voices in Higher Education
March 1-7

A delegation from Indonesia representing the International University for Islamic studies in Indonesia will be visiting a variety of different resources to fulfill their objectives of looking at top-tier U.S. universities' balance between research and finances; establish a forum for discussion of formal exchanges as IIIU develops; build constituencies of support of IIU from the US; develop research partnerships and establish sabbatical opportunities; and promote IIIU as an international center for the study of Indonesian Islam.


Kazakhstan: U.S. think Tanks and Foreign Policy
February 4-7

A delegation from Kazakhstan will meet with American think tanks to learn best practices in management, fundraising, project implementation, research management, performance assessment and organizational structuring of think tanks as well as explore the work of think tanks specializing on international security, economic, and
political issues. They will also examine the influence of think tanks on policy makers, key influencers, and public opinion.


Multi Regional Project: Education in the Digital Age
February 1-7

A delegation from 25 different countries - from Armenia to Uzbekistan - will come to Boston to specifically look at e-learning pedagogy; evaluating online education; preparing educators in the digital age; and using online tools for training. This will support their overall objectives of gaining an overview of current technological trends in education; assessing how new technologies impact student learning, including the advantages and disadvantages; and examining partnerships between education institutions and private business or philanthropic organizations.


United Kingdom: Community Leadership and Preventing Violence
December 6-12

A delegation from Manchester, United Kingdom will be meeting representatives from the City of Boston, Massachusetts State government, universities, and local community leaders to have open discussions about resilience, prevention of violence, and emergency management. The visitors represent Manchester City government, police, educators, social workers, and community leaders. This program will also include a reverse-exchange component - with eight participants from Boston traveling to Manchester in January 2018.


Lebanon: Entrepreneurship and Small Business
December 6-8

A delegation from Lebanon will examine how U.S. society fosters innovation and creativity in the private sector, specifically how to allow entrepreneurs to gain a space in the marketplace; discuss support for entrepreneurship and job creation with innovation and entrepreneurship policy makers at the national and regional levels; assess how academic and scientific research are utilized in the commercial sector; explore the variety and range of market niches served by successful entrepreneurs and innovators in sectors such as high tech, new media, retail, and consumer services; discuss the roles of diaspora populatiosn and how to engage them in building structured two-way support with their homeland; and explore linkages with the Lebanese diaspora in the United States.


Europe: Identifying and Combating Disinformation and Deceptive Media
December 5-8

A delegation from several European countries will examine U.S. policy at the federal, state, and local levels to counter the dissemination of disinformation and misleading reportage; be introduced and provided broad exposure to the seriousness of the current threat posed by disinformation and deceptive news; explore trends and strategies for fact-checking; gain insight into programs promoting media literacy; and connect with other professionals focusing on experience and lessons learned in combating disinformation.