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How can I get involved?

WorldBoston provides many opportunities for you to get involved as a citizen diplomat; particularly by engaging with the international visitors who travel to our city on professional exchange programs, supported by the US State Department, US Congress, or individual embassies throughout the world. Check out the different options below:


Serve as a professional resource

Take a look at our newsletter the first week of each month to see if your professional expertise aligns with an upcoming visitors or groups; we'd love to help you both make a professional connection and create a new partnership.

Host a "Dinner Diplomacy" event

Some visiting delegations are here for a shorter time, and you can engage with them by hosting them for a meal at your home. These Dinner Diplomacy events are an opportunity for international visitors participating in the International Visitor Leadership Program to interact with Americans in an informal setting.

Hosting visitors in your home allows you to meet distinguished visitors from all over the world and to learn more about their country, its culture, and their fields of professional expertise. Dinner Diplomacy can take various forms, from brunch to afternoon tea to a sit-down dinner.

Dinner Diplomacy does not need to be elaborate or expensive, it is about the cultural experience of human interaction. Exchange is often more candid in an informal setting - feel free to engage openly with the visitors to learn about their cultures, careers, etc.!

For more information about how to serve as a professional resource or host a Dinner Diplomacy event, please subscribe to our newsletter. And, keep checking back at this link to see upcoming Dinner Diplomacy opportunities and sign up to host one of our delegations!