Special Events Roundup – Ukraine Resources

Dear Friends,
With the current crisis in Ukraine, we are highlighting events and resources to keep you informed on the developing situation. Below, you will find high-quality programming for the upcoming week covering this topic.
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Mary P. Yntema
President & CEO

Tuesday, March 1st
11:00 AM – 12:00 PM ET
After months of amassing troops along the border with Ukraine, Russia launched simultaneous attacks from the north, east, and south on Ukraine. With this full-scale attack underway, major western countries have reacted with outrage. Join the American Council on Germany for a conversation with Dr. Claudia Major, Head of the International Security Research Division at the German Institute for International and Security Affairs in Berlin, about the unfolding conflict.

Tuesday, March 1st
12:30 1:30 PM ET
We are hearing, with increasing frequency, the “return of great power rivalry”, with an accompanying ensemble of trade wars, sanctions, negotiations, and swelling defense budgets. So what does security mean at this particular juncture, when sources of insecurity are not only numerous and diverse but also have the potential to pose existential threats? What does security mean to us as individuals, citizens of various nation-states, members of the human species, and inhabitants of Planet Earth? Join the Wagner School at NYU for this installment of their Conflict, Security, and Development Series with Asli Peker.

Wednesday, March 2nd
9:00 – 10:00 AM ET
The United States and its allies have released an unprecedented and sweeping set of sanctions and export controls in response to Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Over the weekend, we saw a direct hit on “Fortress Russia” with the announcement of sanctions on Russia's central bank, along with removing select Russian banks from the SWIFT system and sanctions on Putin himself. Join the Center for New American Security for a discussion of what these new sanctions and export controls mean, featuring Tom Keatinge, Emily Kilcrease, and Edward Fishman.

Wednesday, March 2nd
12:00 – 1:15 PM ET
As the battle for Ukraine intensifies, questions abound over the reality on the ground and the long-term implications for Ukraine, Europe, and NATO. Join the Belfer Center's Intelligence Project for a session providing a military, historical, and intelligence perspective on the rapidly-evolving Russian invasion of Ukraine. Paul Kolbe will moderate a discussion with Retired Brigadier General and current Senior Fellow Kevin Ryan, Harvard's Ukrainian Research Institute Director Serhii Plokhii, and CNA Director of Russian Studies Michael Kofman. The panelists will analyze the current situation in Ukraine from a military and diplomatic perspective, what's next, and the options open to the United States and Europe to respond to Russian aggression.

Thursday, March 3rd
9:00 – 10:00 AM ET
As the Ukraine crisis intensifies, the Biden administration is poised to release a new National Defense Strategy and defense budget. While the Biden administration has focused on strategic competition with China, how prepared is the Pentagon to respond to a crisis in Europe? What will the administration get right, and where will course corrections be required? Join the American Enterprise Institute, featuring Mackenzie Eaglen and Kori Schake, for a discussion with House Armed Services Committee Chairman Adam Smith as they examine the outlook for the National Defense Strategy, a new defense budget, and the ramifications of Russian aggression.

Friday, March 4th
9:30 – 10:45 AM ET
Russia is facing an arsenal of sanctions by the U.S. and European countries, from getting kicked out of SWIFT to sanctions targeting both individuals and banks. What’s the difference between these instruments, and how could they individually and collectively affect the Russian economy? What are the goals of these sanctions, and are those goals achievable? Join the Davis Center at Harvard University for this discussion led by Alexandra Vacroux.

Friday, March 4th
12:00 – 1:00 PM ET
Join the Wilson Center as they host Dr. Liana Fix of the Körber Foundation and German Marshall Fund for a discussion of her book, Germany's Role in European Russia Policy: A New German Power?. In this discussion, Dr. Fix will address Russia's recent decision to intensify the war in Ukraine, the course of the war itself, and the implications this conflict will have for Germany and for Europe.

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