February 2024 IVLP Visitors

This February, we host six in-person delegations as part of Citizen Diplomacy Programs at WorldBoston. Check below to see where the visitors are from and what the objectives are of their visit.

Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development

A Regional Project for Eurasia

  • Highlight the economic, political, and social factors that influence and encourage the development of small businesses, entrepreneurship, and innovation in the United States
  • Demonstrate the impact of U.S. small businesses on the local, regional, national, and global economies
  • Illustrate the role of governmental, non-governmental, public-private partnerships, universities, corporations, and grassroots organizations in fostering and supporting business creation and growth
  • Examine trends in small businesses concepts, financing, management, operations, and marketing

Harnessing New Technologies for Growth

A Project for Zimbabwe

  • Gain an understanding of the evolution, current status, and trends in technological advancement in the United States
  • Examine best practices in the use of technology to advance democratic principles and respect for human rights and approaches to address gaps in technology and human rights
  • Explore current debates and discourse on the ethics of contemporary technologies such as AI, 5G and ML
  • Examine the regulatory and policy frameworks and principles governing key technologies such as AI, 5G, and ML in the United States
  • Explore the role of grassroots communities in interacting with contemporary technologies
  • Facilitate connections between Zimbabwean representatives drawn from the private sector and civic society with their professional counterparts in the United States
  • Assess opportunities for international linkages and partnerships with universities, tech companies and civil society organizations, and examine best practices for aligning emerging technologies, such as AI and ML with respect for democratic principles and fundamental freedoms

Rehabilitation and Reintegration of Veterans in the United States

A Project for Ukraine

  • Increase understanding of the development and management of rehabilitation and reintegration centers, especially those dealing with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Explore best practices for collaboration among government treatment facilities, civil-society organizations, and specialists
  • Gain exposure to the range of support services which help reintegrate veterans into the larger society and economy, such as education, job placement and training programs
  • Examine current approaches to the prevention and treatment of PTSD, among civilian first-responders as well as military veterans
  • Learn about the role of non-governmental veteran-support organizations and their work with facilities within the military and VA systems, as well as their contribution to advocacy efforts and public information campaigns

Social Media Strategies for Building Community Resilience

A Project for India

  • Explore how U.S. Government agencies (Federal, State, and Local) engage with local communities in areas such as civic engagement, education, religion, law enforcement, and job training
  • Discuss best practices in promoting diversity, tolerance, and inclusion in educational institutions, interfaith groups, and community policing programs 
  • Determine how key stakeholders in the United States address underlying conditions that trigger social tensions
  • Examine civil society models of capacity building to enlarge the digital (social networks) footprint of those promoting tolerance, mutual understanding and coexistence while combating hatred, violence, and disinformation

Diversifying University Partnerships

A Project for Mexico

  • Explore administration best practices at minority U.S. universities, colleges, and community colleges
  • Understand how U.S. universities and colleges develop and maintain sustainable international partnerships
  • Explore public-private partnerships, with an emphasis on commercialization, technology transfer, and job creation
  • Review university and college best practices for monetizing research
  • Examine the diversity in the U.S. higher education system
  • Explore how universities and colleges support faculty collaboration and international research (through travel grants, course load reductions, etc.)

Social Entrepreneurs in the United States

A Multi-Regional Project

  • Examine the role of social entrepreneurship in the United States and what makes social ventures sustainable, self-sufficient, and scalable
  • Network with U.S. counterparts to discuss best practices and innovative approaches to social change in areas such as poverty alleviation, education, public health, and the environment
  • Assess the impact of strategic collaborations, youth initiatives, corporate social responsibility, and hybrid nonprofit/for-profit enterprises
  • Understand the role of new and social media in driving social entrepreneurship through mentorships and other interactive exercises

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