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June 2024 at WorldBoston

June at WorldBoston Dear Friends, This June is a time of momentous events in our lives and internationally. Locally, we may be celebrating graduations, reunions, and unions. (Oh, and NBA playoffs?) Internationally, we note, for example, giga-elections in India, the EU, and Mexico, the solemn…
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May 2024 at WorldBoston

May at WorldBoston Dear Friends, Congratulations! Over forty colleges and universities in our amazing region are graduating this month. Here’s to all the grads — and to the families and friends who surely helped make it all happen. One of our favorite community members likes to say that WorldBoston…
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April 2024 at WorldBoston

April at WorldBoston Dear Friends, The uniquely Boston holiday is nearly upon us — Patriots’ Day. In addition to commemorating the “shot heard around the world” 249 years ago in nearby Lexington and Concord, Boston will be welcoming athletes from around the world. Marathon runners, specifically, for…
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March 2024 at WorldBoston

March at WorldBoston Dear Friends, March means Women's History Month in the U.S., International Women’s Day on March 8 around the world, and … our annual trip to the Global Ties U.S. National Meeting in D.C., starting next week.    What's the connection? There's actually a…
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February 2024 at WorldBoston

February at WorldBoston Dear Friends, This time of year, we ask, How do we love you?   Shall WorldBoston count the ways? We love you to the depth of the Porter T station, and to the breadth of a Charlestown lawn-chair parking spot in the snow.…
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January 2024 at WorldBoston

January at WorldBoston Dear Friends,   It seems like 2024 at WorldBoston may be shaping up to be the Year of Engagement. We are in the important process of creating a new Community Engagement Manager position, and we are piloting a new program, starting this month,…
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December 2023 at WorldBoston

December at WorldBoston Dear Friends, Around here, nature ebbs low this month, a time for hibernating and napping. At WorldBoston, we too do some of that (as usual, we’ll close for a week), but this December is actually full of activity and growth.   For…
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November 2023 at WorldBoston

November at WorldBoston Dear Friends, Wait, November?! Don’t panic: As you’ll see below, there’s still time for lots of compelling programming through the end of this year at WorldBoston. There’s also time for you to show your support in 2023. Even though the Consuls Reception is…
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